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Mobster – Feature film produced by Dogpile Productions and Lamppost Productions. IMDB

The Typewriter in the 21st Century – Feature documentary production. IMDB

The Apprentice Jockey – Feature documentary production. IMDB



The Midnight Man starring Ken Foree, is a film about a young couple who take a retreat to a Big Bear cabin where they find more than they expect. IMDB

Mobster Equipped with the latest surveillance technology, Special Agent Zarger, known by his undercover name ‘Eli,’ has used his wits and his guts to slip into Jacob Hadar, West Coast kingpin of the Israeli Mob’s inner circle. IMDB

The Apprentice Jockey is a feature length documentary that follows the lives of several young men and women who aspire to become a part of the 'Sport of Kings' and race Thoroughbreds as apprentice jockeys. Their hopeful dreams are compared to the stark reality of horse racing through statistics as well as the interviews of many retired and current professional jockeys. IMDB


Feature film "Mobster" exposes world
of international crime and corruption.

CNN iReport


creativity unleashed

MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION – From script to broadcast, we deliver music videos that they want to see.

CORPORATE VIDEOS – from fashion runways to testimonial videos, we present your business professionally.

COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION – Television, web and theatrical ads from concept to delivery.



We help artists reach a larger fan base by writing and shooting an original MUSIC VIDEO, tailored to match the style of the song and artist and to captivate the audience. From concept to drop, we deliver a high quality, creative product.

Full videos:
• Miles Away by Gregor Ross
• Dir Oomadi by Farshid Amin
• The Cruelest Joke by MadOhm

We create DEMO REELS for cinematographers, actors, dancers, athletes and directors. From any supplied video, at any frame rate or dimension, we edit a captivating video calling card.

From breakfast cereal to car dealerships, we write, produce and shoot product COMMERCIALS with ultimate delivery for television, internet or local monitor playback.

Professional CORPORATE VIDEOS shot in your own offices, can prove invaluable when it comes to promoting your business in the boardroom, on local television or on your company web site. Create a runway fashion show or testimonial video to promote your business or show idea.

For documentaries or corporate testimonials, we create high quality INTERVIEW VIDEOS with multiple cameras, in motion, in your own home or office or at one of our locations, including green screen - many backdrop colors to choose from.


Our video came out great with a quick turn-around.

Credit Pros


creativity unleashed

FEATURE FILM EDITING – 12 Dog Days Till Christmas, airing on UPTV.

THEATRICAL TRAILERS – Professionally made for your feature film or documentary.

SHOW PROMOS – Market your television or web series with a sizzling promo campaign.


We offer quick, efficient and affordable FEATURE FILM and DOCUMENTARY editing in the director's style. Some films that we have edited:

• The Typewriter In The 21st Century
• Money Man
• 12 Dog Days Till Christmas
• The Apprentice Jockey

Do you have a great idea for a television or web series? We create packageable SHOW PROMOS specifically for your sales market.

We can make your film or documentary shine by creating a unique THEATRICAL TRAILER tailored to your genre and market.

• Mobster
• Inside The NHL
• No Saints For Sinners
• Pirate Brothers
• Bagman

From old school photos and videos to Red or iPhone footage, we create professional MUSIC VIDEOS from your live show footage or self-shot clips.

Full video samples:
Miles Away by Gregor Ross
Dir Oomadi by Farshid Amin
The Cruelest Joke by MadOhm


We dropped our feature in their lap at the last second and they did a fabulous job.

DSS Films



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TITLES & CREDITS – For feature films and television.

MOTION GRAPHICS – Lower thirds, animated logos, charts, etc.

VISUAL EFFECTS – Explosions, fire, rod and shadow removal, etc.


We design and produce high quality TITLES & CREDITS for feature films, documentaries and web or television commercials and episodics.

Our MOTION GRAPHICS include lower thirds, animated logos and titles, motion tracking, maps and charts, text overlays, timecode and more.

Elements in your script that are typically difficult to capture such as fire or snow can be achieved inexpensively with VISUAL EFFECTS. Add clouds, lightning, gunfire, explosions or rain to your scene for added production value. Green screen and rod removal also available.

Let our IMAGE REPAIR professionals rescue your shot by removing the unwanted boom shadow, insect, extra or airplane.


We had an effects heavy project with a tiny budget and a tight delivery window. Dogpile was able to exceed our expectations visually, while delivering on time and on budget.

Brian Eric Johnson writer/producer/director


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AUDIO MIXING – We mix your audio tracks from any source.

SOUND REPAIR – Remove hiss, hum, airplanes, barking dogs, traffic, etc.

5.1 SURROUND SOUND – Enriched audio environment for theatrical screenings or DVD and Blu Ray viewing.


We offer affordable AUDIO MIXING from any original source; camera mic, boom, lavalier, etc. Audio tracks include dialogue, effects and music.

Our SOUND REPAIR specialists can remove hum, hiss, mic pops, airplane or traffic noise, clicks or just about any other unwanted audio.

Offer your audience a 5.1 SURROUND SOUND environment, whether for theatrical screenings or at home on DVD or Blu Ray. Passing traffic or birds and directional dialogue that envelop the viewer add to the viewing experience, inexpensively.


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DVD & BLU RAY AUTHORING – Professional discs with HD feature, subtitles, chapter selection, video extras, commentary audio and more.

MOTION MENUS – professionally made from your feature film or documentary.

DISC DUPLICATION – Copy your DVD or Blu Ray or burn an existing Quicktime movie to disc.

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COLOR CORRECTION – Clean, rich temperature matched color brings your image to life and ties the film together.

COLOR GRADING – Atmospheric scene painting to create a stunning image and visual tone.

MASKS & MATTES – Make isoloated color adjustments to specific areas of the image such as windows, faces and tilt-shift.

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WEB SITE SERVICES – We design, host and maintain corporate and personal web sites.

SEO SERVICES – Search engine optimization brings your web site to the top of search lists.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Increase your online presence through Facebook, Twitter, Ello and more.



An important tool in the marketing and promotion of your business, yourself or your product, is a dynamic WEB SITE. We can design, build and maintain your web site, from registering the domain name to hosting the site on our servers.


Considering your goals, your specific market and budget, we develop an SEO STRATEGY to meet your needs and deliver the results you expect by utilizing the most populated social channels and latest software to get you noticed.

We provide visitor analytics such as search terms used to find your site, pages visited, how long each visitor stayed and when they returned. This data maps the results of advertising promotions and offers the customer a closer look at their return on investment.

Take advantage of DIGITAL MARKETING by utilizing social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ello, Pinterest, Blogs and others, we help bring you brand recognition and reach out to your customers. In addition to advertising sales and promoting upcoming events, your customers and community get a chance to know you on a more personal level.


graphic design

LOGO DESIGN & BRANDING – Static and animated logos, corporate identity and more.

ONE SHEETS – We design and print professional one sheets to your specifications.

EPKs AND PUBLICATIONS – We design and deliver EPKs, brochures, newsletters, business cards, etc.



Our LOGO DESIGN and BRANDING services help you present your company or product to the public with a memorable, unique face. A personalized logo and corporate identity is an essential part of any film or company's overall marketing strategy.

We design and print ONE SHEETS and posters to market your film, book, project or event.

An informative and well designed ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT is invaluable when selling a film or show idea. We have many years experience designing and printing EPKs, newsletters, brochures, and many other printed publications.

For a complete list of services and our rates, please view our RATE CARD.